Homa Bay Hotel

Homa Bay Hotel was formerly owned by KTDC and opened in 1978, but now owned/managed by Piedmont Group of hotels who completed rehabilitations to bring back its lost glory. Located in Homa Bay Town, a few minutes walk from town centre, the hotel is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria (the third largest fresh water lake in the world)
It offers access to various tourist sites in the western region hitherto
untapped. Access from Nairobi is by air 1 hr flight to Kabunde airstrip
(5 km) or by road through organised tourist van or private transport
(400km); and from Kisumu by boat (50km) or by road (150km).
Choice of road subject to its status may be through Kisii-Rongo,(30km) Rongo to Homa bay (25km)Kisumu-Katito-Kendu,or Oyugis-Kendu routes
Homa Bay Hotel Accommodation Homa Bay Hotel has 23 self contained en suite rooms with scenic lake view. we have total bed capacity of 48 and in addition we have by the lake shore, six tented camps and six self contained cottages The fully carpeted rooms are equipped with pleasant interior designs, dstv, broad-band internet service, mosquito net, remote controlled fan, fridge, easy chairs, and reading desk.

Other hotel facilities includes business centre, spacious 60 seat capacity dining room, covered bar terrace on the ground floor; while upstairs floor has conference room with a capacity of 45, resident lounge, bar and terrace with lake view.
It is located on the shores of Lake Victoria the 2nd largest fresh water lake in the world and just a few meters from the town centre
Homa Bay Hotel Facilities
The well maintained terraced lawns have assortment of garden chairs providing ideal holiday sites for relaxation, or wedding and parties. The hotel taxi, van, bicycles, and boats are available for hire. Future development plans include: additional 27 rooms, 4 apartments, 6 tented camps at Ruma National Park, 12 cottages and 6 tented camps on the lake shore with swimming pool, hotel jetty and reclamation of hotel beach, health club, babaqued meat nyama choma banda, and children play area, access roads/parking with cabro and street lights. Typical Lawn of the Hotel and a cyber café. Hotel Boat carrying Tourists to

Rusinga Island
Homa Bay Hotel Safari Activities
Hotel offers convenient tourist sites within the neighborhood namely: Homa hills by guided bicycle tour, Ruma National Park for game wild life
(15 km), Ondago swamp for Flamingos and Simbi Nyaima for cultural
history in Kendu Bay (50km), Rusinga Island for flamingos and Mfangano Islands, Gogo Falls for site seeing, Sony Sugar Factory at Awendo,
Tea & Coffee plantations in Kericho, Kisii, and Kamagambo.

Mon. - Fri: 0900 - 1400 hours
Sat: Some Banks 0900 - 1100 hours
On first/last Saturdays each month
NB: Banks & International Airports operate a 24 hour service

Access, American Express, Diners Club, Mastercard, Visa and other well know cards are widely accepted throughout Kenya. Traveller's cheques or hard currency is required in Tanzania & Uganda.

CURRENCY - All three currencies are based on the decimal system. The unit of currency is the Shilling divided into 100 cents. Visitors are advised to check currency exchange rates regularly. Banks give slightly better rates of exchange than hotels. It is illegal to enter or leave these countries with any local currency and visitors must exchange any currency at their departure Airport or earlier on the day of departure at City and principal Town Banks. It is a serious offence to deface or knowingly damage such currency. Visitors are strongly advised to avoid street dealers and to transact all currency dealings through official dealers.

CUSTOMS - All reasonable volume of personal effects can be reasonably import together with cameras and any amount of film. Unused personal effects, unexposed film, cameras and accessories (except cine and slide projectors may be temporarily imported free of duty. A visitor wishing to bring home video equipment in the form of cameras and cassettes should consult the nearest Consulate or High Commission as a Customs Bond is normally required for the period such equipment is in the country. Refundable deposits may be required for the temporary import of radios, tape recorders and similar equipment including musical instruments.

HEALTH -Malaria is endemic to certain areas of East Africa and all visitors should begin taking their anti-malaria prophylactics two weeks before arriving, throughout their stay and for a minimum of three weeks after leaving. Pharmaceutical facilities are adequate in the big City centres. There are chemists (drug stores) in all major urban areas but any visitors requiring special and continuing medication should bring sufficient quantities. The equatorial sun is deceptive and can inflict severe burns even on overcast days. Good sun cream and lip balms, with a high degree of sun protection factor, are strongly recommended. Piped water supplies are generally safe in municipal areas but local advice should be taken particularly on safari. Bottled mineral water, both local and imported, can be purchased in hotels, sundry shops and other tourist kiosks. Filtered and safe drinking water is often provided (in thermos flasks) in hotels or lodge rooms, but it is advisable not to drink water from the taps, rivers or lakes. Do not bathe in rivers and lakes.

LOCAL BUSES -The use of local country or urban buses is not advisable. Although they offer cheap services to most major towns, they tend to be overcrowded, extremely uncomfortable and driven at neck-breaking speed.

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