Sarova Salt lick

Salt Lick Lodge is a luxury hotel located in the private Taita Hills Sanctuary outside the eastern border of Tsavo West National Park Kenya. Sarova Hotels and Lodges, the owners of Sarova Salt Lick Lodge Lodge operate a chain of generally large lodge, hotels and safari tented camps throughout Kenya which service the lower budget and middle sections of the tourist market. Salt Lick Lodge Hotel is a unique lodge built atop stilts overlooking a waterhole. It’s is linked by suspended walkways under which elephants potter , name is taken from its setting - a natural Salt lick which was a congregating place for the neighborhood’s salt-hungry residents. Salt Lick Hotel lies on the outskirts of Tsavo West National Park. The sanctuary where the Salt Lick Lodge is located was once a sisal plantation. It is now a successful animal sanctuary with abundant game. Both local and international tourists, due to its close proximity to the Indian Ocean and Mombasa town, frequent the lodge.

Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, a truly unique architectural concept consisting of 96 distinctively luxurious oval-shaped rooms- overlooking a waterhole which attracts a large array of wildlife- especially elephants. In the evenings the animals gather at the waterhole, a spectacular site to behold to drink at the watering hole. The restaurant serves international and local cuisine and terraced bar command spectacular views of the waterhole and surrounding grasslands. Elephant- buffalo and a variety of plains game can be seen throughout much of the year. The area is illuminated by floodlights to facilitate game viewing at night and there is an underground tunnel and chamber allowing guests to closely and safely view wildlife at ground level. The Sanctuary offers many diverse opportunities for guests to experience the unique flora- fauna and culture of this fascinating ecosystem

Night game drives provide guests with an opportunity of seeing animals not usually encountered on a daytime game drive. Take a nature walk with qualified guides; enjoy a bush dinner or breakfast, champagne sundowner at Kudu Point or visit local communities and experience their culture. Night game drives are available conducted by our highly trained rangers giving an opportunity to observe some species not seen during daytime game drives.Set  just outside the Tsavo National park is this uniquely designed lodge it looks like something the Hobbits might have created, but aboveground not below it. Honey-color rondawels with dark brown thatch roofs looking a little like overgrown pepper pots sit high above the ground on stilts and overlook a chain of small floodlighted waterholes. You may feel you're in the middle of a fantasy, but this is real Africa. There is a lot of big game just outside your door. After dark, when everyone is safely inside the Sarova Salt Lick Lodge, a wooden drawbridge is ceremoniously drawn up; suddenly it's no longer Hobbits but Lord of the Rings.

The en-suite round rooms are comfortably if basically furnished, but it's the experience you're here for not the room decor, although the public areas are sumptuously decorated with rugs, batiks, and a number of authentic African artifacts. Request a top room or one over a waterhole for a close-up encounter with elephants, buffalos, and lots of other game. Be sure to visit the underground viewing room at night, because you've a better chance of spotting nocturnal animals like civets, porcupine, and maybe even a leopard. The food is excellent with lots of fresh homegrown vegetables.

Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary is a privately owned conservation area located at the foot of the Taita Hills adjacent to Tsavo West National Park in Kenya – one of the world's largest game reserves. The Sanctuary provides a safe habitat to over 50 species of mammals and 300 species of birds within 28,000 acres of rolling savannah and woodland. The Sanctuary is a success story in sustainable conservation where wildlife including elephant, lion, buffalo and giraffe thrive.This commitment to responsible ecotourism, which has been so well supported by visitors, ensures that the Sanctuary and all its wildlife will continue to prosper. The Sanctuary offers many diverse opportunities for guests to experience the unique flora, fauna and culture of this fascinating ecosystem. Tsavo National Park is only a 30-minute flight or 3-hour drive from the sun-drenched shores of the Indian Ocean. Here the quiet beaches, warm waters and cool cocktails will help you wind down after a Kenya safari vacation. Wildlife survives and thrives where there are suitable protected habitats and at Taita, a highly trained team of rangers ensure that none of the animals are disturbed or harassed in any way.

An extensive network of roads give good access to most parts of the Sanctuary and every junction is identified with numbered posts. Sections of the Sanctuary are closed to traffic in order to provide a safe haven for timid species. We are very proud of the wildlife management achievements made within the Sanctuary and this is mainly due to the support we receive from our visitors and guests.  The highly trained teams of rangers regularly patrol the Sanctuary to ensure the well-being and safety of animals and visitors alike.

Salt Lick Lodge Hotel Accomodation
 This is a charming deluxe lodge with excellent standards of comfort and service. With 96 rooms as recently expanded, the guests can view the game and the waterhole from their rooms. More then 50 mammals including elephants, buffalos, lions and cheetahs are found in this area and not forgetting about 300 species of birds, for bird lovers! The area is illuminated by floodlights to facilitate game viewing at night, and there is an underground tunnel and chamber allowing guests to closely and safely view wildlife at ground level.

Salt Lick Lodge Restaurant
Sarova Salt lick Lodge offers superb cuisine ranging from a la carte to buffet, to suit all hungry appetites and also special favorites from the chef on special occasions is offered

Tsavo National Park Information
The twin National Parks of Tsavo East and West together form one of Africa’s largest wilderness reserves. Tsavo as a whole consists of 10 million acres of pure wilderness, incorporating savannah, ranges and hills, acacia and montane forest, and an extensive river system. This single National Park is larger than the island of Jamaica.
The main Kenya –Uganda railway crosses the tsavo in the middle thus distinguishing the East from the west. In 1899, the scene of one of Africa’s greatest Adventure stories was this railway, where two large lions actively preyed on the railway workers as they built a bridge over the Tsavo River, claiming over 120 victims.

They evaded hunters for well over a year, which led to the birth of the legend of the Man-eaters of Tsavo.
While on safari in Tsavo National Park here, you shall behold large herds of elephant, lion, Eland, Giraffe Impala, Kudu and possibly Rhinoceros. As a birder’s paradise, numerous species of weavers, hornbills, sunbirds, rollers, and raptors are commonly seen. There are interesting geographical features not to be missed.  The Lugard falls (not true falls but a series of rapids over rock formations) is of particular note.

The natural volcanic mzima springs are alive with Hippopotamus and waterfowl. A unique underwater observatory has been built that gives you an incredible view of this crystal clear underwater world, where massive hippos glide silently through swirling shoals of barbel. The park is host to a number of caves and due to its easy accessibility on foot; visitors can visit these along with the Shetani Lava Flow and the Chaimu Volcanic crater. Plentiful accommodation is available in the park.

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