Patterson's Safari Camp

Patterson's Safari Camp is small but exclusive safari camp & is best suited for safaris in Kenya due to the nearness of the Mombasa. Patterson's Safari Hotel is located in the massive Tsavo National Park; Patterson Camp has its own private 18 Km stretch of wooded valley through which the Galana River flows. The river is right on your doorstep. In the evenings one can sit on the 'beach terrace' which located 10m from the waters of the river. From here you can watch hippos as they laze in the water and listen to their snorts when they argue with each other. Crocodiles also abound especially the infamous 'giants' of the Tsavo River. In the dark the guards are equipped with powerful spotlights and are always very keen to show visitors animals coming down to the river to drink water. You might even be one of the lucky ones and get to see a leopard lapping up the water as he keeps a nervous watch on the nearby crocs. There are hundreds of elephants here as well as numerous other animals.

The bush is permeated by the lovely call of the yellow billed hornbill. Patterson’s Camp hotel has been set up in an area of historical significance and the site of one of Africa’s most celebrated adventure stories. This is where two nine-foot long lions, known by the locals as Man Eaters of Tsavo and told in the movie The Ghost and Darkness, used to roam around at the end of the Nineteenth Century looking for human prey, devouring up to 140 railway workers in the process until they were shot by the camps namesake the courageous Colonel John Patterson, who was in charge of building the railroad bridge across the Tsavo river. While driving to the Patterson hotel, you will pass the railway track and bridge that feature prominently in the box office hit: The Ghost and the Darkness descendants of the man-eating lions of Tsavo continue to inspire fear .Patterson's Camp is built on a site where the original railway gangs worked to run the line up to Kisumu. Legend has it that many of the workers (mostly imports from India) were mauled or eaten by lions here. Lieutenant Colonel J H Patterson was an Indian army officer with long experience in railway construction who was sent to build a bridge over the Tsavo River with the expectation that he would be all done in four to five months time. A year went by, however before the bridge was ready for traffic. This was mainly thanks to the lions that kept terrorizing the workers and thereby delaying work. Pair of lions - a male and his mate (relatively named Ghost & Darkness respectively) - were particularly notorious and gained the sort of notoriety customarily reserved for the dragons of medieval legend. In his killing them, Patterson emerged from the duel as something of a nineteenth century St. George.

Patterson's Camp is named in memory of those days long gone. Pattersons Camp is 3 and a half hour drive from Nairobi and 9km's off the main road.The hotel staff are very helfull, polite abd ready to go out of their way to make your stay special. Overall, the tents are quite spacious with comfortable beds.The showers are real safari style showers where the staff heat water and pour it into a drum at the precise time you ask them to.

Patterson's Safari Camp Accomodation
The Patterson's Safari Camp comprises 20 spacious tents, some of which accommodate up to 4 people, all with verandas overlooking the Athi River. Accommodation is in luxury tents built on a concrete base. These tents give you the feeling of camping in the wilds of Africa while at the same time being extremely comfortable. Each tent comes with a double bed or two single beds depending on your needs. There are also family tents that can take a maximum party of 8 in comfort. There is also a small porch/veranda with seats and a coffee table. All tents are electrically lighted by power supplied form a generator on site.

All tents are spacious and are ensuite with running hot and cold water.
The decor is traditional Swahili mangrove pole architecture.
All beds come with mosquito nets; all house keeping chores are arranged when you are away game viewing.
Alternate to game viewing is to bring a book, kick back and relax; listen to the chirps and sounds of the wild.
The Athi, Galana, and Tsavo rivers are "right there" making it a fast ride to watch the parade of animals lining up to quench their thirst.

Patterson's Safari Camp Restaurant
An emphasis is placed on the experience of dining in the wild. Although meals are provided in a covered restaurant and drinks in a traditional bar, visitors are kept very close to the action by providing large, open areas with seats and tables on them. In this way you are always right there in the wild. Grab a drink and spill out onto the terrace, look up at the wonderful night sky. Recline in a seat by the fire or retire to a quiet moment on your tent porch ... it's all available at Patterson Safari Camp

Patterson's Safari Camp Activities
Mudanda Rock is an incredible 1.6 km long geological spectacle well worth visiting it provides the perfect vantage point to watch numerous mammals refreshing themselves in surrounding pond
Just a short drive from the camp is Yatta Plateau, the biggest lava flow on earth created over 11 million years ago- an idyllic spot offering panoramic views across one of the worlds largest game parks.
Lugard Falls is one of Tsavo's most interesting geographical features - along stretch of rippling white water cataracts and a favorite haunt for sunbathing crocodiles.
Tsavo National Park Accomodation Budget and Medium Lodge and camp

1. Ndololo Safari camp - A great value tented camp run by the owners of the Tsavo Park Hotel in Voi. The 22 comfortable tents have knotted wooden furniture, mosquito nets and canvas toilet and shower cubicles. The camp also offers nature walks with Masai guide.

2. Tarhi Safari Camp - Owned and run by a German company, this is another reasonably priced tented camp right on the edge of the Voi River, about 14km east of Voi gate. It’s a lovely peaceful spot. Rates include meals and wildlife walks with Maasai guide. It’s technically a special campsite.

3. KWS Campsite - There is a single camping area with basic toilets near Kanderi Swamp. Elephants wander through here all the time. You can always pop in for a beer or a meal at the Ndololo camp if you book in advance. There are also a few special campsite which move from year to year.

Tsavo National Park Luxury accommodation

4. Voi safari Lodge - Just 4km from Voi gate, this is a cracking lodge owned by Kenya safari lodges and hotels. It’s a long, low complex perched on the edge of an escarpment over looking an incredible sweep of savannah, with a rock-cut swimming pool and a natural waterhole that attracts elephants, buffaloes and the occasional predator. Rather chubby rock hyraxes sun themselves on the ledges. Facilities include several restaurant and bars

5. Kilalinda Safari eco-lodge - Proof that even top-end resorts can take environmental issues seriously, this very fine eco-lodge was built without felling a single tree. Accommodation is in luxury cottages; if you really want to splash out, opt for the Twiga suite

6. Satao Safari Camp - On the Voi River, this is a popular up market tented camp run by top class operator Southern Cross safaris. It’s nicely laid out, with 20 canopied tents surrounding a water-hole and you can take guided bush walks
7. Galdessa Safari Camp - On the Galana River, 15km west of Lugard Falls, this place is close to the rhino sanctuary and is heavily involved in rhino conservation projects. It’s very eco-friendly but frighteningly expensive, especially if you wish to book the eight tents for exclusive use.

8. Epiya Chapeyu Tented Camp - A decent tented camp in a lovely glade by the Galana River, shaded by some palm trees. Wildlife walks and drives are available. The camp is run by an Italian company, and caters for fellow Italians.

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