Galdessa Camp-Tsavo East National Park

Galdessa Camp is a small luxury eco-camp located in Kenya's largest park, Tsavo East National Park. The word Galdessa means baboon in Walangulu, the tribe that used to live in the area of Tsavo National Park hunting elephant with bows and arrows. The site is located 15 kilometers upstream from Lugards Falls, famous for its beautiful rock formations, where there is also an airstrip, which can be used for private aircraft transfers. Galdessa Camp's remote access in a very wild part of the park ensures that tourism is kept to a minimum, enhancing the intimacy the camp, and guests, enjoy with nature. The accommodation and activities are geared at the discerning traveler looking for a private Lodge experience in the African bush.

The magic of Galdessa camp in Kenya is tangible. The Galana River flows by, refreshing in the middle of Tsavo National Park heat and a breeze ruffles the Doum palms over the bandas. This is a remote place, off the beaten track, where peace wraps around you like a blanket. All creature comforts you require are available on this Kenya safari. Polite, service friendly and comfortable accommodation in spacious and romantic bandas is part of your Kenya safari package.  A stay with Galdessa is an authentic and intimate encounter with nature on your Kenya safari. In the pristine wilderness of Kenya's largest wildlife reserve, each day of your Kenya safari is dressed in a new colour whether on foot, at night, or in one of the open safari vehicles.

This camp in Kenya is divided into 2 separate entities, each with its private lounge and bar which can be reserved on exclusive use for a Kenya safaris. Throughout the Galdessa, the view is overwhelming. The Yatta Plateau, the world's oldest fossilised lava flow, overlooks the Galana River as it flows by, curving the sand bars and giving life in its wake. Galdessa Lodge was designed to preserve the natural beauty of the site. Placed under the shade of the Doum palms, it epitomizes the true feeling of a Kenya safari camp in harmony with nature. Tsavo National Park is world reknowned for its red Elephants, magnificent Lions and spectacular bio-diversity. Its landscape is breathtaking, its birdlife abundant and colourful

Galdessa Hotel Camp is must for a Kenya safari. A Camp Kenya safari means a luxury tented camp with no fence or wall, and is a much better part of an in Kenya safari than sleeping in a tented camp. Of course in a safari camp accommodations with no fence the wildife you have come to see, do come into the camp especially at night. Close encounters with an elephant browsing three feet from your tent is what a camping Kenya safari is all about. As a family or honeymon your first experience of a safari in Kenya should be at the famous Galdessa Camp in Tsavo East. It’s a camp with no fences or walls. The 'tents' are thatched bandas with electricity, running water, and comfortable beds. Most important of all you are sealed in, zipped up at night with good well fitting mosquito nets.

When you arrive at Galdessa camp, you are led to your banda, being shown on the way, elephant tracks, lion footprints, and hippo prints as well, all on the path inside the camp. You are advised in no uncertain terms that on a camp Kenya safari site like Galdessa Lodge, you are not under any circumstances, even in daylight to leave your banda unless you are with a member of staff, because of the high chance of an encounter with the wildlife. The ultimate in luxury, this stunningly beautiful camp is on the south bank of the Galana River and many consider it to be one of the best camps in Kenya, we agree. Overlooking the Yatta Plateau upstream from the Lugard Falls, it's actually cut in two lodges; the main lodge has 11 spacious bandas (thatch and canvas bungalows) including one honeymoon banda; the other smaller lodge has three bandas, also including a honeymoon one

Each lodge has its own lounge, dining area, and bar overlooking the river. The elegant and imaginatively decorated bandas are built on wooden platforms with an A-frame thatch roof and a private veranda that has breathtaking river views. The furnishings are African theme with huge hand-carved beds, wooden chests, deep-cushioned armchairs, hand-woven rugs, and wall hangings. There's an en-suite bathroom with flush toilet and bucket shower. If you want total privacy, then opt for the honeymoon bandas, which have separate verandas on stilts—perfect for canoodling to your heart's content under the stars.

The quality and standard of the food is just what you would expect in this gorgeous camp—superb. Don't be surprised if you see a pride of lions strolling along the riverbank or a few black rhino; this area has the largest unfenced population of black rhino. Galdessa is a premier Kenya Camping Safari Holiday Destination, and is small and up market. It is easily accessible by road from Mombassa & Malindi Hotels & resorts,, Galdessa is geared for the family or couple with good taste who want an exclusive type experience on a Kenya Safari, and not mass market. Galana River continues to have a good water flow even in the dry season, and thus good game viewing and great wildlife sightings from the lounge and dining room which means not having to leave the camp when you are on a Kenya safari holiday.

The whole impression is one of laid back sophistication, and yet the guest feels in close and intimate contact with the Kenyan bush, and completely off the beaten track. There are 11 comfortable and spacious tented bandas which are thatched, sitting on wooden platforms, with a wooden verandah, far enough apart and hidden by bushes and trees, so you don't really notice your neighbors. Of course the purpose of a Kenya camping safari is to see, and get close to the animals, and at Galdessa, there are two main activities. The first is the traditional GameDrive, and the riverside location means the four wheel drive vehicles follw the river, giving opportunity to see lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos who all come to the permanent pools along the river. If the tour is an all day affair, then lunch will be taken at a lunch camp site, and is normally three courses with cold drinks. Bush breakfasts can also be arranged, as can Dinners.

The second thrust is a walking safari where you are always escorted by an armed ranger, and you have the chance to see, and get quite close to lions, cheetahs, giraffes, waterbucks, impalas, zebras, dik diks, crocodiles, hippos, and occasionally leopard. When you return to Galdessa Camp, after another incredible day in your Kenya Safari, you'll always be very happy with the high standard of cuisine, and the top flight service you will receive. You can sit out viewing the river, hearing the sounds of the African Bush and watching the animals coming to the water.

Tsavo National Park Information
Tsavo National Park is 21,000 square kilometres(as large as two-thirds of Belgium), and one of the biggest National Parks in Kenya. Tsavo is split into Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks by the Mombasa-Nairobi railroad and main road in Kenya. Tsavo East is by far the larger of the 2, with two-thirds of its area.  Tsavo is so vast and wild that tourism has had little impact on its environment. You can rely on seasoned Kenya guides to take you straight to where the action is, and to reveal all the mysteries of this vast reserve in Kenya. Tsavo is famous for its 'man-eaters', a couple of Lions who terrorized workers during the building of the Mombasa-Nairobi railroad at the turn of the century. This true story has been made into a movie, 'The Ghost and the Darkness', starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer. Galdessa has an airstrip, the coordinates are:
South 03 05.00, East 038 28.00, length / service of airstrip: 150 metres The best time to visit December to March and August to October, the weather is good with only slight showers and the game is plenty. Galdessa can be accessed by road aswell.

Galdessa Camp Hotel Accomodation
Galdessa Camp offers luxury tented accommodation in 11 bungalows and 3 bandas catering for a maximum of 36 guests. Five of the units can be turned into triple units to cater for children. Seven of the units have twin beds and the other 7 units have double beds. Each unit has an en-suite bathroom, solar electricity, running water and beds are swathed in mosquito nettingfor a peaceful nights rest in your luxury tented accommodation. Facing the river your luxury tented Kenya accommodation consists of a banda or bungalow built on a timber floor under a thatched roof, with a canvas front that opens into a verandah during the day and is zipped closed at night. Galdessa Camp is an environmentally friendly camp designed to preserve the natural beauty of the site. Widely regarded as the best tented campin Tsavo East offering high quality luxury tented accommodation and cuisine.

Galdessa camp Activities
African Safaris and Adventures open four-wheel-drive Toyota Land-Cruisers will take you to explore this route and others along its seasonal tributaries, known as luggas. These are favorites of lions, cheetahs, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos, as game always needs water, and luggas often have permanent pools. Longer game drives can be arranged to the Park's farther reaches, on day outings, with picnic lunches or with a 3-course lunch awaiting you with iced drinks at our selected lunch camp sites.

Bush breakfasts and dinners are also organized. Galdessa Camp specializes in Nature Tourism and Tsavo is great walking country, which offers nature lovers wonderful walks and game sightings. We organize leisurely walks along the Galana River, starting at the spectacular rock formation of Lugards Falls, stopping along the way to fish for catfish under the watchful eyes of hippos and crocodiles, and ending up with cocktails while the sunsets over Mount Kilimanjaro.

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